GTA V Latest Tiny Racers Update

A new GTA V update is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, with rockstar confirming the details today.

Classic Grand Theft Auto action is being added to GTA V, with the release of the new Ting Racers Mode.

Coming 25th April 2017, a new GTA V online camera mode is being released that changes the perspective back to the traditional top-down look of Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto London, Grand Theft Auto 2.

Rockstar also released a trailer about new mode in which players uses powers up and take out fellow racers to win.

Following cars will be given to users on the release of this new mode:

  • Dodo Seaplane
  • Marshall Monster Truck
  • Kraken Submarine
  • Imponte Dukes Car
  • Declasse Stallion Car
  • Blista┬áCompact Car
  • Hatchet

Have a look at the trailer of the latest upcoming GTA 5 “tiny racers mode”.


Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is a 16-years-old blogger from Pakistan.He is currently learning in 10th class.

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