Intel 18-Core CPU Specs Revealed Alongside 14- and 16-Core Versions

Intel began to reveal the seventh generation of its top of the line desktop (HEDT) processors, known as the X-Series, with the Core i9-7900X’s release back in June. And keeping in mind that we were aware of the price, core/thread numbers, and names of the considerably more powerful Core i9 processors, clock speeds and release dates were still not revealed.

The company revealed in a press statement that the 14, 16, and 18-core multi threading processors will hit stores on September 25. Its 12-core variant (i9-7920X) will be available on August 28. These costly chips are planned to give users the best performance in heavy tasks like video production, rendering, and streaming, particularly while multitasking. The Core i9 CPUs advance to a moderately little target gathering of people of experts and “prosumers” who much of the time run CPU demanding applications and play games all the time.

The following chart plots the specification of all the Intel’s 7th-generation X-Series processors:

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