WWE 2K18 Screenshots Revealed

WWE 2K18 has revealed their first two screenshots of the game and they have selected Seth Rollins as the cover star.

Talking about the work that’s gone into the production of these characters models Johnathan Gregory Lead character artist of WWE 2K18 said:

“This year’s game engine is great because for me I’m getting to actually see all of the details rendered as accurately and how they look when I’m working on them.

To see them go from what I see on my monitor to and what I’m trying to create to see it go into the game perfectly, it’s nice to see that there isn’t anything lost in translation from A to B when it goes from what I’m scalping to the game.

“I’m liking that a lot, it makes my job easier because I see what I expect to see and it’s great to see the characters come to life and I think the fans are going to be happy.”

WWE 2K18 cover image WWE 2K18 screenshot WWE 2k18 screen showing Seth Rollins

These first two screenshots are just the start of the whole WWE 2K18 news being revealed over the next 2 months.

The WWE website claims that WWE 2K18 is limited to PS4 and Xbox One, despite also coming out on Nintendo Switch.

Below you can see the official tweet by Seth Rollins showing the screenshot.

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